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Net Neutrality battle rap

This morning I saw the top post about today's Net Neutrality vote, and so with the help of Twitter, I have put together this protest music video in just 3 hours and 10 minutes from conception to publication!


Regarding my religious fans

Today a Christian fan asked me if I like my religious fans any less. This is my reply, I thought I'd let you all see it.

To answer your question, absolutely not. I do not dislike Christians. Many members of my family are Christian. I simply do not believe in the same thing that Christians believe. Although I do hold many of the same moral principles that Jesus taught (pacifism, charity, patience, understanding, etc).

I have issues with specific behaviour that is facilitated by religious beliefs (eg the Pope discouraging impoverished and diseased African communities from using contraception, or the absolutely messed up stuff that's happening with IS right now). However this does NOT mean I have any problem with individual people. You are a fellow human being and you have all the respect I give to any other human being!

Hope that reassures you and answers your questions.



Trials Fusion rap


Dragon Age is sexist

Anita Sarkeesian repeatedly uses Dragon Age as an example of games that objectify and marginalise women.



Chauvinist pigs.

Here's my awesome all-female squad, Team Bechdel. Each of them has a respected and important job, a unique rich personality, distinct physical appearance, dress sense, and individual skill set. Each has their own sexual preferences and makes their own sexual/romantic choices. When they have finished killing endless legions of anonymous male soldiers to vanquish the evil male antagonist Corypheus, they head back to the headquarters at Skyhold and report to their superiors, Leliana and Josephine, before paying their respects to the late religious leader, the Revered Mother, Divine Justinia. All this despite the fact that only 6 of the 9 writers of Dragon Age: Inquisition are female!

Blessings of Andraste upon you.

(Andraste: the Prophet of the dominant, exclusively female-controlled religion in Dragon Age. Andraste is a woman.)


My cat lost his toy. Plonker.

This is Sammy. He is a plonker. He was adopted from the Blue Cross animal shelter. You can support them here: http://www.bluecross.org.uk/
If you are interested in getting a pet cat please adopt one from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder or pet shop. Shelter cats are awesome plonkers.


Awkward fan mail

It's very cool having fans. But if I combined all the awkward fan mails I received into one, it would look something like this. I get dozens of variations of this email every day and i try to reply politely to every one:

Hi Dan, I've been a fan since I heard your Skyrim rap in late 2011 (or was it early 2012, I can never remember!) You're not like all those coloured rappers who just rap about being coloured and ignorant and coloured! I just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you're connecting with us fans in this way and giving the 'ol middle finger to the traditional record industry. Bunch of greedy corporate swine! They deserve everything they deserve - and more! But anyway, yeah, I was just wondering whether you'd like to come to my town some day for a few drinks and a bit of banter. Nothing heavy, I'm not a stalker! Just a casual time with a good fan in glorious Brumtown. I can show you the sights - we have a GREAT Wetherspoons in the Paradise Forum. I'll buy ya a cheeky pint ;) Anyway, no pressure. I'm an enormous fan (I know the lyrics to all of your songs by heart, and I daresay I can rap them even faster than you. Here's a 10 minute video of me copying your raps. Feel free to post it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. No pressure!). PS Please could you send me your back catalogue including audio mixdowns of all your YouTube videos in FLAC. I don't mind if it's WAV even but FLAC is preferable. I'm in no rush so you can leave it to this afternoon if you like. Ciao and hugs!

[30 minutes later]
Why haven't you replied? Are you too good to talk to your fans now? Sellout. I remember when you weren't an asshole. Fuck you, I hope you die of cancer.



New music video - Dying Light. Thanks to Iniquity for joining me on this one :)



I made a video about something surprising that happened to me earlier...
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V day

Anyone feeling lonely, unloved or unlovable today. I'm thinking of you and I loves ya x



Somehow I didn't notice until after it was too late that I MISPRONOUNCED THE TITLE OF THE GAME. Sigh.
Let's pretend it's an ironic statement on the fact that games are released in an unsatisfactory fashion and often require patching on day 1. Yeah. Let's pretend that.