Dan Bull

An Interview with Dan Bull

I did an interview the other day to help someone with their Year 12 Media project, but it turned out more insightful than some I’ve done with pro journalists, so I thought I’d …


This is a song about a mad fella called Max who does crazy things in the Australian wilderness. Spot the cameo from a very appropriate YouTuber.

National Anthem of the PC Master Race

Here it is – the national anthem of the glorious PC Master Race.
Am I serious? Am I really a PC gaming elitist? Arguments below please.

Version 1

Version 2:

Thanks to Arthur & Medic, Crunchlins, Tom …

Volume SS

I’m in a game! – VOLUME

I was invited by Mike Bithell to make a song that would appear in his new game – Volume . Here’s the song!



PARALYSED | Dan Bull & Beit Nun

May I present “Paralysed” – the second music video from the Brandy Night EP by Beit Nun and myself.
You can hear the full EP on Spotify and buy it on iTunes, Amazon and …

Reversing my decline.

The amount of time I spend working has declined dramatically in recent weeks and this is a cause of concern for me. My sleep pattern is shot too. Sleep has become a tool …

bastion rap screencap


Bastion has possibly the best soundtrack of any video game. Here is my musical ode to Bastion: