- Dan Bull -




Buy on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/face/id485086214

Buy on 7digital: http://www.7digital.com/artists/dan-bull/face/

Free download: http://www.mediafire.com/?omhywb8k17iv7k

You can also buy the needlessly extravagant edition of the album, featuring instrumentals and acapellas of all 12 tracks, either on iTunes or Amazon.

Want the CD version? I have news for you. There's only one copy of the CD in existence, and I'm selling it for £1,000,000. That's right - I'm compensating for an age without scarcity by artificially inducing some scarcity of my own. Seriously, I'm selling this disc for £1,000,000. Take it or leave it. Serious offers welcome...

God,  I've just realised something. Buy the digital version instead of the CD copy, and you'll be saving about £999,995! How can you possibly turn down an offer like that?

Love, Dan x

Click to download Face for free

Click the titles to listen to each track on YouTube.

  1. New Leaf
  2. Medicine Ball
  3. The Staircase
  4. John Lennon
  5. America
  6. Guilty
  7. Dream Girl
  8. Rituals
  9. I'm Fine
  10. A Portrait of the Autist
  11. Proud
  12. Return

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  1. Bit of a silly question, but any chance you’ll be making it available on other services like Amazon MP3? I mean, y’know, I could buy the album on iTunes anyway, then delete their “DRM-free” files (y’know, the ones that refuse to play on my 360 and any device without an Apple logo on it somewhere) and just use the freebies, but…

    …actually, I’ve answered my own question. Ta.

  2. Hey Ben- I’ve just amended the article to answer your question. The short answer is yes but not yet. Although you can actually see that it’s on Amazon already; it just won’t let you buy it yet.

  3. Any chance of you selling it via Bandcamp? I bought quite a few releases (some of the game soundtracks mentioned in the Wikipedia article, among other things) from there recently and really like the site’s ease of use…

  4. Dan I just stumbled on to some of your stuff . I have to say it’s f##king brilliant . Finally an intelligent and thought provoking rap artist . And as funny as a e wok on mushrooms . I’m going to pass this link on to my friends . Keep it up . Much love from the great white north .
    Signed : ffej

  5. I love, love, love, love, love your music (and free downloads) thank you so much for this.

  6. But all the rich people are drinking their burgomont wine and sniffing truffles. They are not intelligent enough to buy your only cd copy. What shall the rest of us do? Do we have to resort to burning our own CD, waiting for the elusive live show of which Mr Bull has yet to stage and where it can be sharpied by the man himself and thus resulting in some kind of strange bootleg rarity to fulfil our fan-like tendencies?

  7. I bought your first physical CD twice, looks like I’ve got some saving to do :P

  8. You should at least give a thought to selling your album with free open source p2p payment system called Bitcoin. You wouldn’t have to pay any provisions to anyone for it. Now we have an option, not to pay these financial institutions for doing nothing, we should use it. At least put up a tip jar with Bitcoins, that is set up in few minutes, and there is nothing to lose (if one thinks that suggestion above is waste of time)

  9. From a rap standpoint HELL YES I’ll be buying it…just get it on Amazon. From way out in Phoenix, AZ keep doing what you do.

  10. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Responses:

    Matt – feel free to burn as many copies as you like, I included hi-res artwork (simplistic as it is) for the purpose of printing. However, the single “official” copy, whatever that even means, is £1,000,000 and that’s final :D

    Mattspeakswords – Ace, thanks :D

    Greg – I’m selling the album through iTunes etc in the rather unrealistic hope I can make an impact on the charts in some country or another. That’s why I’ve put such a long pre-order time on it aswell. I do accept BitCoin though – you can send the lovely digital munnies here 1G7Fg1bRKGRMUa7GB4ULWhbQi1VraPMruR

  11. Dan, Will a hi-rez version be available via flac? Could even charge 10 quid for that. I’m an old guy and don’t like to buy mp3s. What better quality. I’d be interested in doing a surround mix for you.

    But, anyway,

  12. Oh yeah – could you perhaps put the “long story” about your problems with distributors into yet another “Dear so-and-so” rap on YouTube? :D

    Also, the CD I bought of your first album is lonely here; could you please reconsider doing more than one copy of your second album? ;)

  13. hey Dan you should also look into the DeSopa add-on for firefox.
    an educated man such as yourself should find ways to get this out there:)

  14. I stumbled upon you through a dislike (& slight worry) of SOPA (lets hope that never sees the light of day). But I must say I likes your style, as to your question bundled with the giveaway. I think my answer will have to be yes I’m just about to

  15. TPB got me to hear and see your awesome video! Researching about SOPA and then I realized, you do epic raps. Glad to know I found out about you. Keep it up! And thank you very much for your free stuff here in the internet. :)

  16. Yo Dan! Crazy Album. Nice Stuff. Me and my Friends in Hamburg enjoy it. Thanks for this. We support yer!

    Greetz, K

  17. Bloody hell it’s a nice breath of fresh air to hear an artist such as yourself. I agree with the hopeful absence of SOPA, as it’s going to destroy everything in the long run it seems to me :/
    Loving your work, downloading now and going to get some tip or pay going to you when I have some kind of decent revenue or get some of my own work going on more then a sitting in the middle of nothingness…I like your idea though, free downloads and across iTunes and whatnot…I have to look into doing the same for my music and band.
    Again, brilliant work and keep it coming, please mate!

  18. Love your music, man. Keep it up. I have downloaded the free version, but intend to buy it when its put on iTunes. The world needs more artists like you.

  19. Would it be possible to make a album of all the raps you have done like the Skyrim and Assassins Creed raps?

  20. From Ohio here, TPB led me to you as well. I must say, I’ve never liked rap much simply because of what it has become, and often laughed to myself when they were referred to as “Present-day Poets”. But that’s all changed to you. I may still disdain all of the current “popular” rap artists, but you sir, have restored a bit of my faith in the music industry, good music, good rap at that, and it is very intelligent, and like a previous listener said, thought provoking. I greatly enjoyed your “America” track, and agree that it’s horrible that people can’t get medical service if they don’t have the money. Hopefully that will be changed, and hopefully more people here about you. This isn’t a diamond that’s meant to stay in the rough. Keep fighting the good fight!

  21. Wow,thanks !

    what about people from places who can’t buy mp3 from itune or amazon ?

  22. Downloaded and preordered. Love your work.

    Now to start saving for that official CD!

  23. Mediafire doesn’t work for me. Would be nice if you could upload that to another host.

  24. Hi Dan, wondered why Face isnt already out on iTunes but its out for download? Gonna buy it when its officially out :D

  25. Hey from France Dan!

    I m glad i found you trough the internet : Our Freedom’s Place… How you did good remind all of us in several songs! ;)

    I have to tell you that : what i read, what i saw and for what i heard from you, you re doing Great Stuff !

    Thx for the free download…!
    As you know some people can’t pay directly : they have to save some money first.
    I’m one of them..
    Tho, you can count on me to be one of the folk which supports you : You DESERVE IT ! ;)

    In the meanwhile, i ll share all the informations ( music, vids, download links ) about you to the most i can,
    in the hope that will help!

    Don’t stop the fight
    Don’t stop what you do
    Don’t stop for all of us
    Stay as you are


  26. Pre-order’d!

  27. You’ve changed the way I see rap :) . I’m still not a fan of it (everyone has their own tastes :P ) but I really enjoy your stuff.

  28. While I don’t really mind 320kBit MP3s or AACs, I’ve got to agree with Billy Dojcak here that a FLAC version (even if it cost a bit more) would be highly appreciated.

  29. Yes, i agree on two things, bandcamp being a great place for independant artists and a need for a lossless version, preferably in flac format.

    Now, i understand your reasoning for trying to introduce the charts, however, more and more artists seem to not be caring and just releasing their stuff via the internet on sites like bandcamp in a varitey of formats because of their love of music and listeners/fans, indeed it’s the only place I get most of my music anymore, well either that or from the artist’s site directly.

  30. Oops, pushed the submit button before i was done. Either way, I hope you’ll consider either bandcamp or at least a lossless (preferably flac) version as us music lovers really appreciate it. Either way, thanks for the great music and if you decide to make a lossless version I’ll be sure to buy it :)

  31. Hello Dan,

    Fantastic music. As many have said, you should get a bandcamp account. It’s free to set up and people can donate however much they want. Itunes will give you the $1 max, but bandcamp gives your listeners the opportunity to put what they believe your album is worth. You’ll also have the option of exchanging free downloads for the listener’s email address so you can personally thank them and let them know about new songs, shows, etc.

    I’d pay more than a dollar for each song. Especially when it’s high quality.



  32. Oh my god ! I will save so much money !!!

    ===> buy :)

  33. I just want you to know that you are an inspiration. I discovered your music via your skyrim rap and have been a fan ever since.

    I’m spreading word about you and your music man. keep it up!

  34. I’m only per-ordering this b/c your youtube skyrim rap was something for the history books and I want you to keep making this amazing art.

  35. why aint the SOPA song on there

  36. Kudos for the free album Dan. I’ll be sure to spend plenty of bills on anything else from you when I have the work to afford them. You have a lot of my tastes in mind.

  37. Need this on Spotify, so annoying to repeat on youtube

  38. I agree! I wish this was on Spotify. I love you stuff man keep doing what you’re doing

  39. I, too, motion for the move to Spotify at some point. Also – just got paid so I’ll be buying a $15 dollar iTunes card; 5 of those (at least, that’s the price here in the US) will be heading your way.

  40. Downloaded this from piratebay, payed for it through a direct donation from paypal. Keep up the awesomeness. *brofist*

  41. Dan

    You are an absolutely amazing lyricist and recording artist! I write songs, which are just crap in comparison. It actually hurts to listen to the stuff on the radio after hearing your tunes. I’m not a big fan of rap, hiphop, R&B and all that jazz, but appreciate when it’s done well, and you do it incredibly. You should have more recognition that you already do. Fuck the talentless “celebs” getting the headlines and money, it’s talented folk like you that should be recoginsed and idolised.

    Thanks for many hours listening pleasure.


  42. I was originally introduced to your music by a friend showing me your Epic Skyrim Rap. I was surprised and impressed. I’m not a big fan of rap, mostly because 99.999% of what comes out these days is utter garbage, barely intelligible and not an ounce of meaning to spread around. From there, I went searching over YouTube and found several of your other game raps, which I also enjoyed. Then I noticed the album links you put in the comments. So I decided to download the free set and give it a listen. I was expecting to get the game raps, and I was quite surprised to find something entirely different in store for me. Heartfelt yearning, intelligent diatribe, and insightful commentary assaulted my ears. It felt like the first time I heard Pink all over again or Emimem, if you’ll forgive the comparison. Admittedly, not everything “Slim Shady” makes is worth listening to, but I haven’t heard anything bad from Pink yet, nor from you. I liked your album so much, I actually went ahead and paid for it, and I’m going to actually pay to get your other songs as well.

    One of the main reasons I’m willing to fork out hard earned money for something I would usually just YouTube and be done with, is the point you make and my support of it. Digital download of music is not a detriment to artists nor is it liable to make a single dent in the profits of those who are deserving. I won’t lie. I’ve torrented music before, generally because I wanted a single song off of an otherwise crap album. I’ve also bought actual CDs, when the music on them was worth paying for. I’ve passed both around and introduced friends to music they hadn’t heard before. I let a friend of mine borrow Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed, for instance, and he ended up hunting down every album he could by them.

    I intend to share your music with my friends as well, beyond just the gaming raps, and I think you’ll find your fanbase growing further. You’re an incredible artist, and I wish you well. I’m looking forward to more.

  43. Can you please release your ‘Computer Game Epic Raps’ in an Album? Or are you planning to realease one but still writing? Spoilers…… Keep em coming tho :)

  44. Just gave you a quick blurb on my new website. Awesome videos, really well done!!!

  45. Are we gonna see your take on the many greats tvshows running out of the states? Breaking Bad. The Wire. Mad Men. Deadwood. Man there must be loads of inspiration in that stuff – would luv to see what you could do with that. Thx for great moments, keep em coming.?

  46. Heyy Dan, I’ve been following your stuff on YouTube. And I have to say I’ve been genuinely disappointed with the stuff that some modern artists put out. But your stuff is absolutely amazing!!! If you’re where music is headed I’ll be very pleased, although then you wouldn’t be Original. So, seriously! Keep it up! Just in case you needed motivation :D

  47. Hey Dan, pre-ordered and downloaded.

    Fuck the BPI.

  48. Pre-order’d!
    How could you not …

  49. Nice album:) would like an option to donate, paypal, flattr, etc.
    btw i too prefer flac.

  50. Im american, And i agree that health care here sucks.

  51. Love how the BPI website under ‘Our Work’ states:
    has one overarching objective…to help British music thrive.

    REALLY BPI, REALLY? Side note: fucking awful grammar too.

  52. i was planning on releasing music for a £1000 limited edition. but apparently someone beat me to it. curious if anyone’s taken you up on it ;) for a mill they could get it pressed themselves :D

  53. £3.49 is that a printing mistake? both 7 digital and Itunes are selling Face for £7.99!!!! Respect to you for Fuck The BPI I Love it and surprise surprise found it on the cover of Piratebay :)

  54. Yo just seen your song Fuck the BPI, Loved it! Glad some artists are starting to stand up for this as well. Keep up the good fight, I shall be mentioning you on my website for sure.

  55. Dude, I think its incredible that you are giving an option to get your music for free. <3
    Love it all

  56. SH!T I just discover you, you’re awesome dude.. but I’m broke right now T_T
    Doesn’t matter: totally gonna buy your mp3 next month you f%$&in deserve it!!!

  57. I feel so bad for using the free download link but i dont have any money :/

  58. Hey Dan,
    Love your raps they are amazing only a quick question you should rap about resident evil if you can

  59. Great music, thanks for the free download. I’d gladly pay for FLAC or Apple Lossless versions if you can make them available.

  60. Dan, that’s really great album! Downloaded it just yesterday and already listened to it few times. How about lossless version?

  61. @DAN KICK ASS @RR how about you get lossless :)

  62. Just bought it on iTunes, it sounds awesome!

    Hope you make the charts Dan!

  63. Hi Dan,
    I discovered your music with “Deat of ACTA”.

    Maybe you could consider some sort of Flattr or similar to allow your fans to support you?
    I mean a sort of crowd-funding aside of the classical sales…

    Keep on the good work !


  64. Hello Dan,
    Of course being a gamer means your game raps were my first discovery, but in truth you are so much better than most modern rappers, it’s nice to hear rhymes with more than one syllable.

    Will purchase your stuff when I can afford to XD

  65. Dan,

    I just want to tell you how much i like your tracks.
    First heard Death to ACTA because of the link on the pirate bay… and loved it. That was a while ago.
    Today i just wanted to share that track on facebook and found you haven’t been sitting still in the mean time :D I’ve had your tracks playing on youtube almost all day and have to say i think your lyrics are excellent, a true poet.
    Please keep going! People like you make the world a better and more beautiful place to live in.

    Dennis from The Hague

    ps. as soon as i can afford it i WILL be buying a copy of your album, untill then thanks a lot for the free download :)

  66. Hey man I live in the states and I heard you for the first time yesterday. Just bought Safe and im totally in love and I would love to actually buy Face but I hate going through I-Tunes. Any chance you could get the digital version out through a different vendor like Amazon?

  67. Hey

    Dan all i wanted to say is i love you man! Keep it real!!!!

  68. Thanks for putting your music up as MP3s directly and having the Donate option. Satisfies both my “support the artist” and impatient impulses. :-)

  69. hey dan how much would tht be in usa currency?

  70. Awesome work. Your beats and your flow are really solid and I look forward to more in the future.

    Don’t know if it helps you on the UK charts but thanks for putting it on Amazon for us. Bleh iTunes.

    As an uninsured American who recently had some serious health problems and “America” hit pretty close to home. I’m still giving you some money, though.

  71. yo Dan, I found out about you from your video game raps. I have to say, lyrically you are one of the best rappers today. You are certainly better than the mainstream rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake. Keep it up, bro.

  72. I. Love. You.

  73. Keep up the great work! Hope to see you in Amsterdam anytime soon.
    And if ever in need of 8bit sounds, Carf is your man!

  74. Hi mate, question; you bangin out your beats yourself or are you working with a producer?

  75. Hello dan… So…… are you literally… Seriously….Selling that for 10000000$??? I mean you are joking….Right?…

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  77. Where youtube scarcity plays a part yt2mp3 is invented..
    it is not like people are not trying to figure out how to rip tracks off itunes or amazon.. even if free download link is provided.
    And to be honest its not like people cannot convert mp3′s to other CD formats and play them in their CD players in their Cars / radio’s etc so who gives a darn about 1 Genuine CD, thats not your own scarcity, its simply stupidity ;) If you wanted to make that real then do not distribute those tracks on the CD to the mases and just tell the titles and then price the tag on. Ta-Ta. Bye Bye.

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  80. Dan,

    Trying to buy your album from the US. Amazon.uk won’t let me, only a few songs available on amazon.com, and I don’t use iTunes. I got the album off the free download link, but want to pay you somehow. Do you take paypal, or could I email you a gift card or something?

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  83. I gotta say, while some of this album isn’t my cup of tea, I love your music. You are the sole reason I listen to any kind of rap. My roommate and I have been hooked on your stuff since we first heard your “Dishonored” rap. Will be buying this simply to support you and your music. I think it would be awesome to see you perform live. That would be a concert I’d be excited to see.

  84. Dan,

    Love your material, and your stance, at least if you’re in control of you material, you can choose to do what you want with it. Your exploration of this issue is always excellently worded and brilliantly flowing.

    I hope you make enough of a living as well, despite all the madness of the industry today.

    Will your A capellas, ever be available in flac, or non-itunes lossless, or near lossless quality?

    I’d love to use them in a Project or Remix, but the audio quality of mp3s/AAC is so low it defeats the point, I know you don’t mind people using them, for any purpose, I’d just rather not work with bad copies of your hard work.


    Distance Left…

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  86. Just commenting to say, i already bought the album on iTunes but I just wanted ddm free songs so downloaded it from MediaFire

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  97. No offense, but wouldn’t it be easier for me to just download the free version of the album and burn it onto a disc instead of paying £1,000,000?

  98. Now I feel like an idiot for not reading the entire thing. :P

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