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Sharing Is Caring

My fight to get into the pop charts is drawing to a close. It's been a hectic ride, with ridiculous amounts of promotion, interviews, and trying to work out what the hell's going on. You can still buy the tracks below if you like, but they won't count towards today's new charts.

There are a lot of people I need to thank. Firstly, thanks to everyone who liked, shared, downloaded or bought the single. Without you none of this would have happened. I'd like to thank Tim Dobson for providing constant support and enthusiasm and doing everything this week that I couldn't. Thanks to Ryan Kidd and Adam Le Gallez for the music videos; I love them both. Thanks to Enigmax and Ernesto at TorrentFreak, Cory Doctorow and Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing, Michael Masnick at Techdirt  and everybody else who provided press coverage and in-depth write-ups. Thanks to The Pirate Bay for the enormous exposure they've given me and many other unsigned musicians. Thanks to Rick Falkvinge of Pirate Party International. Thanks to Loz Kaye and the whole team at Pirate Party UK. Thanks to the BPI, the RIAA and GEMA for hindering me every step of the way. Thanks to the Creative Commons community for showing another way. Thanks to my new YouTube hero and friend Steven "Boogie" Williams. Thanks to Jim Killock at Open Rights Group. Thanks to Victor Conradsson at Believe Digital for finding me, and being on the other end of the line when things need doing quickly. Thanks to Chris Leese for promoting the single like a madman, and the Innit Records guys for being the Innit Records guys. Thanks to Gerry Alexis for the photography. Thanks to Russ Houghton for his continuing faith in me, and his constant barrage of new suggestions, and thanks to Alan Driscoll for stopping my head from getting too big. Most of all, thanks to my every one of my friends and family who've been behind me longer than anyone else, and without whom I would see no point in embarking on ventures like this. Love to everyone x

And now we play the waiting game.


[Some countries have trouble with the above links. Amazon links not working? go to the Amazon site for your own country, and search "Dan Bull - Sharing Is Caring" (if you're in France, go here - Germany, go here) ]


Want to keep in touch and help out? It's easy...

Thanks so much :D    -  Dan x


24 /7 Press contact:
Tim Dobson
+44 (0) 800 112 6000
*Bonus video for those who read the whole page!*

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  1. Sought n Aired,
    Taught n Dared,
    Thought n Cared …
    Bought n Shared ! ….
    <3 Bull Hits ;o)

  2. Since I can’t pay for the songs (I would if I could) I had to download from your torrent, but unfortunately The Pirate Bay is blocked here in Holland (Thanks Government we hate you…). Could you provide another link? If so thank you, and next time I will try to buy the song too ;)

  3. @william
    try using a proxy to access tpb.

  4. actually a damn good song
    bought 4x
    gl reaching the top

  5. William if you use chrome or mozzila then install the add on mafiaafire or somthing simular, it will cirumvent the DNS block, if it is one, works for eircoms dns block here in Ireland!

  6. Love this video, will share!

  7. Not a bad song at all, bought it twice. Good luck, Dan.

  8. “We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.” — Amazon.com (I live in Holland).

  9. Amazon.co.uk wants me to install some program to download the MP3 *groan*. I give up! Good luck, I really like the song and your campaign.


  10. The pirate party is here to help this censorship, there’s links to several piratebay proxy sites at http://tpb.piratenpartij.nl/

  11. I wanted to join the move and buying it but Im not from the UK nor US.
    So, anyway gUUDD luck!

  12. I will buy one.

  13. You could try using this quick proxy I made using google app engine http://rews-sekret-place.appspot.com
    I’m 95% sure it routes through the US.
    Down with circumvention!

  14. ^ totally meant down with internet oppresion ^

  15. Hi Guys, have you tried buying from Amazon.co.uk?

  16. (1) I use Stealthy in Chrome and Firefox to laugh at GEMA here in Germany – works like a charm.

    (2) Iam not using Amazon, and definitely will not even consider iTunes. Most of my music I buy from eMusic – would that be an avenue, Dan?

  17. Here is the magnet link for those who thepiratebay is blocked for (it seems a significant percentage of Europeans now). Paste it into your browser address bar and download it if you can’t or don’t want to buy it. Dan, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here. You could add the link to your main post.


  18. Never mind, the magnet link I posted had certain characters filtered and as a result won’t work. But Dan, if you want to add it to your main post you can do so by going to thepiratebay link you gave, right clicking the download link and selecting “copy link location” and then editing your post with the pasted link in.

    Sorry for the double post, it seems I can’t edit or delete my first post.

  19. Do views on Spotify help you towards your goal?

  20. Sorry to post again, but I just realized the magnet link I originally posted DOES work, sorry about my second post LOL. I’m going to stop posting now. Please could a moderator delete this post and my second post?

  21. Shortened version of the magnet link to share with others, etc. just in case anyone needs a shorter version. :)


  22. Since the Napster controversy I have stood by file sharing as being “The new radio”. If people like the music they download for free – they will go out and buy it. Piracy doesn’t hurt musicians, it hurts the corporations who use an outdated business model to market music. They are trying to strangle and suffocate the real musicians in the 21st century. Support this cause if you have ever discovered new music by downloading it for free which has then led you to purchasing that artists music and/or promoting them through social networks. I’ve just made 10 purchases through iTunes!

  23. Uploading the torrent onto my server with a 10mb/s upload

  24. 2 Bought ;) Facebook + Google Plus.

    8 left… Maybe 2morrow!

  25. Wow, this is awesome. Not everyone has money all the time; and It’s awesome to see artists that understand that. Must buy when I can get a few bucks.

  26. Congrats man, first album I have bought in ten years,,,yep, bought all ten tracks.

  27. Probably the shittest song in existence, will not be buying

  28. @Tom, your post said everything I had in my heart. Thank you.

  29. Congratz to DB for g3tting his Facebook track and name out there on the Dave Ryan Morning Show on KDWB in the Twin Cities MN!!! It was l33t hearing him out of nowhere on my gf mainstream station, I was boggled and proud!

  30. How does the song have anything to do with the campaign. The “campaign” is just a cover-up and excuse for the artist to get people to throw money at him. Getting the song in the charts will do nothing but satisfy the artist’s greed.

  31. Bought and Shares :)
    Good luck :)

  32. Already downloaded several games in the TPB … Very good congratulations

  33. And what’s wrong with Chris being in a relationship with Dan?

  34. Just thought I’d let dutch people know: TPB is still accessible at bit.ly/pirateproxy. You’re welcome.

  35. LOL david, that link worked like a charm, you’re my hero!

    (Belgium here with similar ridiculous government internet scam!)

  36. is that jeremy from peep show?

    nice 1 m8 :) )

  37. Havent even listened to the song yet… but… This. is. the. way. forward. Revolution is nigh

  38. Hey man! I love your stuff and will be buying all your tracks in a week or so, so don’t make the video yet! Haha.

  39. I’m buying all 10 (altho’ they’re $0.89 per track @ Amazon US). Thanks mucho for the bonus tracks!

  40. There are some really funny lyrics but the song is pretty bad. I am not trying to be a dick, what you are trying to do with the song is awesome. I think you should put a bit more effort into making a good song.

  41. Just purchased 3 of them. Figured I could help a little bit.

  42. Nice working

  43. I tried to purchase it from Amazon but it wouldn’t let me. It says:We’re sorry. We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions. We apologize for the inconvenience. :( Sorry

  44. If you live in holland then use the darknet (bing search). Then you will be able to use TPB. Pirates for life not just a day :D .

  45. Can’t buy from outside … Amazon.ca don’t know ya :(

    Good luck!

    Will seed the torrent!

  46. Hur mycket pröjsade du för förstasidan på TPB?

  47. i don’t find supporting any protests against things like sopa or acta, but i don’t see how any of this makes sense for that cause. not to mention the song isn’t really something i could happily listen to on the bus or other times i enjoy listening to music because it doesn’t quite fit any mood at all.

    i hate facebook, the last thing i want is to listen to a song based on it (regardless of whether it is positive or negative towards it).

    and until my opinion has changed about why this song should even be bothered with to be put into my collection for the sake of temporarily letting the artist get more famous than he already is, i am going to have to agree with “Dan April 24th, 2012 – 16:56″ even though it seems like a bit of a stretch.

  48. sorry cant buy it (no visa or an cards ) but i download it
    greet music greet work

  49. Epic and amazing song.

  50. Just Purchased the trilogy set. Awesome tracks I should say

  51. Cant buy this (the same as most people: no cards) but love the songs. Good luck!

  52. Should have done this campaign with bye bye bpi, would have bought them all twice… At least that song has meaning and skills

  53. Bought the songs, sent an email, got a reply saying I’ll be in the vid :D

    I really don’t get why people are calling Dan greedy. He give’s away all his songs for free, which takes a lot of work to make and he gives you the option to pay for it and if you do he’ll personally thank you, through rhyme! No other artist in the world (that I know of) does that.

    Haters gonna hate.

  54. How much of the money from sales do you get because if I buy then I want all the money to go to you instead of you getting about 10p of the 69p per song

  55. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CF87CC0D6B0DB21D2221694EFFAE3758479AD4D1

    Heres the pure magnet URI, for those who are censored from TPB.

    Fucking try and block this BREIN and friends.

  56. Thanks everyone for your kind words and for supporting what I’m doing. It means a lot that so many of you have come through. Sorry that there’s been a whole array of problems getting this sorted in countries outside of the UK and US. I don’t want anybody to be excluded. As always, if you can’t/won’t buy it, grab the torrent, it’s fine!

  57. bought 4! keep up the good work!

  58. I love your music, you are extremely talented and keep making music!

  59. Order Placed: 26 April 2012
    Amazon.co.uk order number: 026-5827408-5720307
    Order Total: £6.90

    Enjoy :P

  60. I bought all of them =)
    I absolutely love your songs!

  61. just bought 10 songs fuck the govt. XD

  62. Would it be a trouble to distribute the music in multiple format, as you don’t have to worry about the server load anyway. You should distribute your using Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC in addition to the MP3. The former two formats are free and open standards, and flac gives the opportunity to store your music without any loss of quality (if you compress to FLAC right away from the raw audio), which makes it more available to remixes and stuff, even if the simple listener won’t hear any difference.

    The movement for sharing needs open and free formats!

  63. Dan, it’s a pleasure listening to your music, and everything you do, you do in the best way. The fact that you offer your music for free, as an alternative, proves that you aren’t in the business for money. Therefore, have mine. One day I’ll be able to look back and say “I followed this legend from the beginning.”

  64. I’m a bit confused. There seem to be ten versions of the song, but no way to buy them all as a package, meaning I have to click ten times to get them.

  65. Downloaded Torrent then had to show my respect by buying them off iTunes. Crack’n job Dan!!!

  66. Canny tune that like !

  67. Dan… It’s the first time I’m actually BUYING music in ages… I’ve bought all of the singles… $13.35 USDs… You’re welcome, my friend.
    @hellboy lol. I bought 15 songs to fuck the gov (0.89).
    @Alex IKR.

  68. Hi, as many others your music is some of the few tracks that I’ve bought in ages.
    Although, I can’t buy these tracks before saturday because I forgot my macbook at home! :(

    But I’ve starred a lot of songs on Spotify, because you’re awesome!

    peace yow

  69. Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done (all 10) :D

  70. I hope Dan isn’t lining his own pockets with all the money he’s making from this. It should go to tpb or the EFF.

  71. No iTunes account for me and when I tried to buy from Amazon…
    “We are sorry…
    We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

  72. Dan Bull is a genius. I’m a Deaf guy and always love it when Dan captions his music videos. To give back what he gave to the world I have purchased 6 versions so far. I’ll plan to buy more when I get paid on the first. It’s all worth it to see Dan Bull reach the top of the charts. We all can gloat that there’s a different way to do things today. Say goodbye to dinosaur businesses.
    Buy a single or all of them. Help Dan reach his goal.

  73. fuck man, I’m from brazil and I’ve tried all the services but iTunes, but I can’t buy from any of them! please don’t tell me I’ll need to give money to apple.

  74. Right ON!!! Let’s bust the CHARTS!!!!!!

  75. Bought all 10, go Dan go!!!! :D

  76. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it,
    you are a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and
    definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to
    encourage one to continue your great writing,
    have a nice afternoon!

  77. I bought all songs on te 25th! I love all yours songs!

  78. I bought the facebook version of the song, and I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work and I hope to see more music from ya! Now lets go for the charts! :D

    Greetings from Sweden!

  79. Purchased the Facebook Version too – Soooo great :)

  80. Very interesting details you have observed , regards for posting .
    “The best time to do a thing is when it can be done.” by William

  81. What’s Taking place i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other users like its aided me. Good job.

  82. Dan? Greedy? Dan? DAN?! Of all people in this world, you called Dan greedy. Wow. You know that he’s a guy who support filesharing at the first place, right?

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