Sharing Is Caring

My fight to get into the pop charts is drawing to a close. It’s been a hectic ride, with ridiculous amounts of promotion, interviews, and trying to work out what the hell’s going on. You can still buy the tracks below if you like, but they won’t count towards today’s new charts.

There are a lot of people I need to thank. Firstly, thanks to everyone who liked, shared, downloaded or bought the single. Without you none of this would have happened. I’d like to thank Tim Dobson for providing constant support and enthusiasm and doing everything this week that I couldn’t. Thanks to Ryan Kidd and Adam Le Gallez for the music videos; I love them both. Thanks to Enigmax and Ernesto at TorrentFreak, Cory Doctorow and Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing, Michael Masnick at Techdirt  and everybody else who provided press coverage and in-depth write-ups. Thanks to The Pirate Bay for the enormous exposure they’ve given me and many other unsigned musicians. Thanks to Rick Falkvinge of Pirate Party International. Thanks to Loz Kaye and the whole team at Pirate Party UK. Thanks to the BPI, the RIAA and GEMA for hindering me every step of the way. Thanks to the Creative Commons community for showing another way. Thanks to my new YouTube hero and friend Steven “Boogie” Williams. Thanks to Jim Killock at Open Rights Group. Thanks to Victor Conradsson at Believe Digital for finding me, and being on the other end of the line when things need doing quickly. Thanks to Chris Leese for promoting the single like a madman, and the Innit Records guys for being the Innit Records guys. Thanks to Gerry Alexis for the photography. Thanks to Russ Houghton for his continuing faith in me, and his constant barrage of new suggestions, and thanks to Alan Driscoll for stopping my head from getting too big. Most of all, thanks to my every one of my friends and family who’ve been behind me longer than anyone else, and without whom I would see no point in embarking on ventures like this. Love to everyone x

And now we play the waiting game.


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