A story about a man who approached me outside the train station.

The other day a guy came up to me while I was waiting for a cab outside the train station (where homeless people constantly ask for money), and said “excuse me mate”. I had already turned away a few people so I said “sorry I’ve got no change” and he went apeshit. Absolutely apeshit, he was saying “You’ve insulted me, do I look homeless? Look at my clobber, how am I homeless, look at my clobber!” No matter how much I tried to apologise, he was apopleptic with indignation that I had assumed a scruffy pale bloke approaching strangers outside a train station in the middle of the night would want money.

I finally managed to calm him down after a bit, although I was ready to hit him in the face. I said to him “OK so what did you actually want?” and he said “I’ve got no change for the bus, I need £4 to get back”

FUCK’S SAKE. Luckily my cab arrived and I went home, to my home that I live in.

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