Brandy Night is coming.

Important news! Monday is the release date of the brand new six track EP Brandy Night, which I made along with my friend Beit Nun .

Beit and I discussed this project ten years ago and we’ve finally bloody gone and done it. We made all six songs in one 24 hour period while sharing a bottle of brandy. It’s a mellow, moody vibe featuring spacious soulful synths and introspective rap lyrics. The first music video from the release will go live on my channel on Monday.

I genuinely believe Brandy Night one of the finest musical releases I’ve been a part of, and unlike many of my topical/gaming songs, we wanted it to have a timeless feel. This is something you could have listened to 30 years ago or 30 years into the future.

Make sure you watch the video on my channel on Monday, and check out the whole album on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play.


Brandy Night

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