Downloadable content for games is a topic that polarises gaming fans. Some of them think it’s great that the lifespan of their favourite games is increased by the introduction of new episodes and expansions. I’m a little more cynical, in that I fucking hate it enough to make this song:

Download the MP3 of “DLC PLC” from iTunes: http://bit.ly/GYpdV3

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6 Responses

  1. Wolfgang says:

    lol. I agree that the vast majority of the time DLC is worthless.

  2. JT says:

    Agreed. This is why I don’t buy games any more…

  3. Sofia M. says:

    Hello Dan. I assume that you play Assassin’s Creed (because of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations EPIC RAP). I bought the DLC for Subject 16… It was like the Desmond Memories. I hated those, and now I hate the DLC, mostly because I sucked at the Desmond Memories. Microsoft Points, wasted!

    Don’t buy DLCs (unless they’re the DLCs for AC2 Sequence 12 and 13). They’re a waste of money.

  4. jhgfd says:

    I was about to download for free but I can’t you treat us to good and I can’t I fell need o pey you for these incredabol song sorry for the spelling

  5. charles says:

    there is a battle in the youtube comments section, what does “PLC” stand for?
    pre-loaded content, pay locked content, or public limited company?

  6. Jef says:

    @charles:public limited company. If you listen to the chorus: “welcome to the DLC PLC, where WE charge you for things you bought previously.”

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