February Album Writing Month

FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month, and it’s a campaign designed to help people overcome their creative hesitation and just get stuff done.

The idea is to write 14 songs during the month of February (14.5 this year given the extra day).

I’m not participating in the strictest sense. I’ve just released an album. However, I have hundreds of unfinished demos, so my aim is to develop some of those into complete songs, and perhaps come up with a couple of new ones along the way. Depending on how well I do, I may post updates on here as to how I’m getting on.

Here’s to a fun and fruitful February. You should have a go yourself. http://fawm.org/

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  1. Praverb says:

    Yeah I thought about doing the FAWM this year…if you want to make some of those collabs full track let me know…

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