For a second time, my hearing has changed since flying to Los Angeles :S

I noticed while I was away that I was not really having any symptoms of hyperacusis / TTTS. I assumed it was because I was in the generally noisy environment of Airports / Downtown LA / E3. But to my surprise, when I got home the symptom was all but gone. Things that previously triggered it (lightswitches, clattering crockery, sudden vocalisations, even my test audio file) did not cause my ear to spasm. I still noticed myself “expecting” the spasm to occur, and seeing things like doors moving shut and people about to cough caused me to flinch, but the physical reaction inside the ear was gone.

I don’t know why the hell this has happened but it mirrored the onset of the condition that began shortly after the last time I returned from Los Angeles.

I am going to try not to worry too much about what caused it and just learn to adapt to the new and welcome changes to the function of my hearing. I really hope this is a permanent improvement!

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