Fuck Guinan.

Fuck Guinan, she comes out with new age spiritualistic cod-mystical shit or alternatively is actually psychic; either way she’s either a deluded fool, a cynical liar or far too powerful to be trusted.

Look at her smug “I know everything, and your serious personal worries are actually so simplistic as to be laughable to me” face:

Fuck Guinan.

Fuck Guinan.

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4 Responses

  1. KLOD says:

    I always thought she was probably supposed to be one of the subtler, wiser members of the Q. Or maybe an outcast, since she never seemed to manifest any sort of real omnipotence.

  2. Casey Moore says:

    Guinan was annoying. I know everything but I don’t really know enough to help you ever. Also, I’m played by the stupid cunt Whoopie Goldberg. Get the fuck out. It angers me immensely to see an alpha male hero like Captain Picard taking her counsel.

  3. Fucker says:

    Yeah, I hate that stupid cunt… she has the ethos of a fucking progressive know-it-all asshole democrat. Stupid bitch. Why did they have to put her on the show?

  4. Shitter says:

    She was an “El Aurian” like Malcolm MacDowell in Generations. A “race of listeners” but yet she never seemed like she listened to anyone but herself, and meanwhile spewed a bunch of riddles and horseshit and got angry at Picard over not being able to decipher her horseshit. Every time she talked with someone on the show I wanted them to punch her in the mouth.

    Why was she on the show? My guess is so “Whoopi” could wear Afro shit, curl her fat lip and be a huge cunt like always.

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