Dear you,

Hi. This is my website, but I have no idea how to edit it. Bear with me while I learn.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Bull

Dan Bull

Ooh, just worked out how to get my Twitter feed on here. That’s a start.

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8 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Hi. I have a new website. It’s not very good at the moment, is it?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Not the technical type, eh? It’s ok, what you’ve done so far is excellent. Keep up the good work. Glad to you decided on 🙂

  3. Rockruu says:

    Practice practice dude ;D ill be watching for some kool stuff though

  4. dan bull says:

    excuse me i am the real dan bull who are you ? im the original the one and only while your making poo music i am the future emporor of the world, so dont mess wwith me 🙂 lol i joke you have a good name dan

  5. pez says:

    poo music? music to take a turd to. i like it. dan what the fucks goin on? why arent you signed yet? how is album 2 coming along?

  6. Dan says:

    THis is a test comment

  7. Tim Dobson says:

    Hi Dan, Long time fan of yours, where can I buy your new single?

  8. Wow, had no idea that you’ve been around for so long!
    Just came across you cuz of TPB. Great things that you are doing here 🙂

    Good Luck

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