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  1. J says:

    how you make a game depends on what type of game you want to make, assuming you dont have any programming knowledge you should look into software like gamemaker, designed for making small budget games and with one man teams. if your looking for a 3D AAA kind of game, then forget making it on your own. best chance would be going to E3 or some other video game con, get talking to some designers and programmers if you can, i wouldn’t tell them your idea in case they use it themselves and cut you out (not saying they would) but they might end up in a concept dev team in two years time and think your idea is their own. another alternative would be to find freelancers or third party developers, this will give you a team and yet retain full control of the creative process, the downside is that they cost…alot. my tutor is a freelance artist and earns like 60 quid and hour from it.

    it says my email is required so i guess you have my email if you have further questions.


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