Jan 1, 2015

I enter 2015 as i left 2014. Broken, tired, depressed, morose, despondent, disillusioned, lazy, procrastinatory, talented, determined, young, hopeful, excited, awesome. Yes.

Let’s look at the past year and see what we can learn for the next year.

Let’s make the best of it that we can.


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2 Responses

  1. zak thorn says:

    You need a hug…… And a visit from doctor green thumb my friend…… I’ll always be a huge fan no matter what Dan and you could say that I do understand the pain but it’s plain clear that you need to be fierce like a bear and strike fear into your life problems how about curse at your queer ear and burn your depression until it sears and hides its rear from anywhere near your lair your hunter go plunder a deer and smash it down with the force of thunder I hope you read this and burst into laughter your my master of rhyme it’s about time I’ve thrown out a few lines and revise the wise knowledge that you speak the honor you shall keep all this information that you teach will live forever whether or not you believe that let me just say that I will follow the motto’s that you speak that are so hollowing deep and I hope you never stop even on the day the reaper comes to eat ya maybe he’ll beat ya or maybe you’ll defeat him and I guess I’ll end this arid ballad

  2. Zac says:

    Hope you feel better soon mate, it’ll get better. Take more time off if ya need, do whatever ya can to feel healthy again.

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