Knick Knack

Make sure you watch both versions of Pixar’s 1989 short “Knick Knack” because for some reason they remade it in 2003 and gave the woman in it smaller breasts to make it more family friendly which is totally stupid because A) it is meddling with something that has already been published, B) it had already been out for over a decade in its unedited form and C) why the hell is a certain body type for a woman considered to be unacceptable? It is actually going to make people thing having large breasts is something to be ashamed of. Idiot idiot Pixar!

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  1. Gleik says:

    its sad i had to use my figures for the spam protection 🙁 it was a math problem. addition…. but just looked at the video, hahahaha your right, why with the no boobies!!! just wanted to post since no one else did. PS my name is my gamertag

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