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  1. stefan says:

    I am surprised there are no comments. Anyone that thinks should think about woody, either way. Woody Allen is ok- ish. My best friend at my private school in Cambridge was called Woody, he was the son of an absentee father another if you like most original Chelsea girl you would know

    Owen Wilson, however creates a different problem. Woody is to old to see. Owen Wilson is more SOPA than an actual human being

    I am as posh as brasso but there you go

  2. stefan says:

    you do know brasso is metal polish designed to remove tarnish from brass? Most commonly used by sevants “in the big house”

  3. stefan says:

    It seems impossible to write a comment without serious editing by morlochs

  4. thanks for the post , if you wish tell us more next time about this topic . anyway it’s a good subject . go on 🙂

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