My brand new album – HIP HOP HOORAY

Hi, this is my new album. Show your friends. Get all the tracks here ?

1. Rugbuggery
2. British Teeth
3. Sellout
4. Toys
5. Can’t Be Arsed
6. Wiggly Willy
7. I Hurt Myself
8. Stroking A Cat
9. How To Smash Your Mirror
10. Look At The Elephant
11. I’m Going To Be A Daddy
12. Fuck Everything

I want to ask you a few things about this album:

1. Please do whatever you like with this album – rip it, pirate it, remix it, stream it, roll it, smoke it. The links are in the description. But my favourite thing for you to do is buy it. K?

2. I didn’t do a good job of promoting this album at all, it’s not being covered in any magazines or radio stations. So if you know any journalists, DJs, bloggers etc who would be interested, please help me to let them know about it. But don’t pester them, and be polite!

3. I want to make music videos for some more of the songs here – which songs are you favourites, and which ones do you want to see videos of?

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