Regarding my religious fans

Today a Christian fan asked me if I like my religious fans any less. This is my reply, I thought I’d let you all see it.

To answer your question, absolutely not. I do not dislike Christians. Many members of my family are Christian. I simply do not believe in the same thing that Christians believe. Although I do hold many of the same moral principles that Jesus taught (pacifism, charity, patience, understanding, etc).

I have issues with specific behaviour that is facilitated by religious beliefs (eg the Pope discouraging impoverished and diseased African communities from using contraception, or the absolutely messed up stuff that’s happening with IS right now). However this does NOT mean I have any problem with individual people. You are a fellow human being and you have all the respect I give to any other human being!

Hope that reassures you and answers your questions.


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3 Responses

  1. K1ngCraft says:

    I agree Dan! I consider myself to be Christian however, I have my own views on what being Christian means to me. And thats to be a good person and never look down on people unless you are helping them up.

  2. John says:

    It frustrates me that when most people think of “Christians” they often think of people who identify as such, but don’t even believe in 50% of the Bible, the basis of the faith. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be raised a Lutheran, as far as I know the only denomination that makes a point to remain true to every word of the book. On the other hand Catholicism prays to humans, something that is quite plainly shown as sin. I just don’t get it. :/ idk why I did this, it’s 1am and I felt like ranting about something. Cheers

  3. The PodBox says:

    Hey Dan! I’m christian… Thank you for this it made my day knowing you AT LEAST are not against Christianity. Can you PLEASE just check out my awesome church online? Its awesome the pastor is funny, people are great electric guitar and drumbs with keyboard for worship! Really up beat and NEW its awesome I’m sure you will like it and I know your kinda on the other side of the planet but they have a website with all the stuffs on it (recorded “sermons” and music) @ XXX.XXX check it out and tell me how u like! Its ok if you don’t, I just want you to try.

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