The power of a click

I haven’t spoken about this much publicly, but I strongly believe in treating animals with respect and compassion, which means not eating them or exploiting them. By removing meat from your diet you are reducing the demand for animal products and thus contributing to a reduction in animal slaughter. Anyway, a while ago I clicked “like” on a YouTube video of a wonderful speech about animal welfare. Today I received this message.

hey doug man, i seen that favourited or you liked ‘ phillip wollen on why animals should be off the menu’ and its turned me in to a vegeterian man all with one like and fav from you… the internet is a crazy place. anyways thanks for sharing 🙂

The internet is indeed a crazy place, and I love it.

By the way, I recommend you watch the video too. It’s part of a larger panel debate on animal rights, which you can also watch on YouTube.

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