The tortuous labyrinth of the Content ID dispute system

Here’s how difficult it is to dispute a copyright claim on a simple parody video (clearly protected by Fair Use law).

Contrary to the most basic legal principles, I am considered guilty of copyright infringement purely on the basis of an algorithmically generated accusation, with no human involvement whatsoever. It is up to me to prove myself innocent by asking eighteen different publishing companies through an automated system to revoke the automated claims. Each publisher has a month to reply, with no obligation to even do so. If even one of the eighteen publishers says “nope” then it’s back to square one.

Any financial loss or restrictions on my channel are entirely on me, and will not be compensated for once the claim is lifted.

This has been going on since last year with no end in sight.

If Weird Al Yankovich had grown up in the YouTube ContentID age, he simply would not have been able to have a career.

But none of that matters, because copyright is absolutely necessary to protect creativity and stop poor vulnerable artists being exploited. At least that’s what a multi-billion dollar record label exec would tell you. The poor vulnerable artists are generally too busy being creative to care.

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  1. Cornel says:

    Too many little kids. It anynos me to see them crap out on small issues of not hard work that they call hard work. It’s good that they have enthusiasm though.

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