Put your hands together for the 45th President of the United States.
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This beat here is yuuuge
It’s time to get tough
I’ve got the nuclear codes now
Your dreams and nightmares just became reality
and now your tax dollars go to pay my salary
Ha, Hillary!
It really didn’t take me much to crush her
except perhaps a teeny little extra push from Russia
Hey, I warned you all along that the election was rigged
now let’s switch our best fighter jet for a MIG
I’m gonna drain the swamp in Washington
’cause letting any politician but me talk’s a waste of oxygen
Beat illegals? We’ll get Mexico to build a wall
Terrorists and New York Times journalists? Kill them all
So bitter I come up with solid gold shit to stick on Twitter
while I’m sitting on my solid gold shitter
Spend a minimum of ten grand when I go to dinner
I grab the waitress by the pussy but I don’t tip her
No malt liquor, I’m an XO sipper
ho hitter, vote rigger, still a show winner, go figure
Liberals are so triggered, mad as Margot Kidder
Call me Neo-Hitler, married to a gold digger
I call up Kanye, Milo, Nige and Alex Jones
Target ISIS, whoops, we hit a random home
Hey, They were probably bad guys, don’t start this debate again
I never said it wouldn’t take pain to make us great again
I’m tired of being politically or factually correct
It’s President Trump now, you can cancel the elect
We won’t be needing that any more
I’m smart, you’re stupid
I’m tough, you’re weak
I’m the President, you’re not
The Triumphant Trump


Written & Performed by Dan Bull

Art & Animation Director – LeeDanielsART

Donald Trump – Seth Martinez

Hilary and Margot – Leslie Panitchpakdi

Director of Photography – Basil Glew-Galloway

Music by Oxygen Beats

Executive Producer – Ben Thompson

Produced & Directed by Martin Rich

Thanks to Kindrid at Last Wave Studios

Copyright Hoot Comedy 2017?

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