Yet another Generation Gaming….

The latest volume in my Generation Gaming album series is out now on all the shops and Spotifies and however you kids listen to music these days. Go and have a listen. Tracks include:

  1. Civilization
  2. X-Triptych
  3. Counter Strike Porch (feat. Boyinaband)
  4. DayZ
  5. Dungeon Keeper
  6. Gone Home
  7. Rocksmith
  8. Thief
  9. The Stick of Truth
  10. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
  11. Titanfall
  12. Surgeon Simulator

A mighty thank you to Ross Butter for the artwork. He is the fellow who made the video for 40 Years of Gaming too. @RossButter

Generation Gaming V. The V stands for “visceral”

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