7 ways to get YouTube viewers and subscribers

I wrote this list as an answer to a question on Reddit, but maybe it’ll be of use to you too! Here are some top tips I’ve learned on how to improve your metrics as a YouTube content creator.

  1. Tag subject matter in your videos. Use some similar tags in all videos as well as specific tags for each video.
  2. Add long, accurate descriptions to the videos, including links to your other videos especially if they’re part of a series. Also include a description of the channel for the benefit of new viewers.
  3. Create tidy, eye catching thumbnails with a consistent style throughout. Same for your channel banner.
  4. Have a regular upload schedule. Let people know (eg “subscribe for a new episode every Friday”)
  5. Find ways to collaborate and cross promote with other creators if possible.
  6. Try contacting your local news media or magazines. If you’re doing something interesting – especially if it’s for children – they might write something up about it. Local media are always short on interesting stories.
  7. Depending on your budget you could try paid advertising but I believe you have to sink a lot in to make it worth it, with no risk of it actually leading to success.

Hope that helps, these are all things which either I do myself already, or have been told by others in the business will improve viewership.

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