Gameshow idea

Basically it will be presented by Michael Barrymore, and it will involve two competitors, who lie on these big marble podiums either side of the stage, and Michael Barrymore sets fire to their legs at the same time, then the aim of the game is to be the first person to fall asleep with your legs on fire. The only way you can have the fire put out is if you fall asleep… obviously they will be rigged up to heart/brain monitors etc to make sure they aren’t faking it.

As soon as someone is properly asleep they get their legs put out, and they win a vacuum cleaner as a prize, eg a Dyson DC14 upright vacuum cleaner, or perhaps a Bosch Ergomaxx BSG 82000 upright vacuum cleaner.

If the contestants both fall asleep at the exact same time, then they go into the bonus round in which they play Hungry Hungry Hippos against one another with their legs on fire again. Whoever gets the most points at the end of Hungry Hungry Hippos wins a dustpan and brush or some other low budget household dust removing utensil.

The name of the show would be “Michael Barrymore Presents: People With Their Legs On Fire Trying To Fall Asleep” and it would take the traditional Saturday night light entertainment spot of The Generation Game or some other unimaginative crap like that.

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