The Squeaky Toy

Years ago, I bought my cat a little squeaky mouse toy. No matter how many times I left it lying around for him to find, he never touched it.

Imagine how pleased I was then, when I was sat at my PC and noticed that he had finally worked out how to play with his toy. He was picking it up and dragging it around in between my feet, jabbing at it so it squealed. I felt happy that he was happy with his new toy, and I carried on working on the PC while a stream of squeaks emanated from underneath me.

Then I noticed that his new toy wasn’t the same one that I had bought him. This one looked a lot more realistic and hang on that’s a real mouse oh god what do I do now!?

I chased my cat out of the room while the very real mouse sat in the corner, frozen in terror. The cat was very determined to come back into the room so I hissed at him and he ran away. I managed to scoop the little mouse into a plastic container. His fur was all torn out in clumps and he was trembling. I took the little dude outside and let him loose next to the hedge, and went back inside.

I went outside a few minutes later, hoping to see that the mouse had gone. It had gone – but my cat was prowling in the bushes nearby.

I don’t know what happened to the poor little mouse, but I’m not sure what else I could or should have done to help it. I feel bad.

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